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Supporting Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems

Enhancing Operational Capabilities to Deliver Efficient and Cost Effective Computer-Aided Dispatch

The stakes are high in any emergency — in most cases, life or death. Consequently, a public-safety agency must have a clearly defined strategic plan, a well-designed facility, and the technology needed to ensure effective and timely dispatch of emergency-response resources to citizens in their time of greatest need.

MCP’s mission is to guide each client toward innovative and modern facilities and technologies that enable them to dispatch the best possible emergency response, provide responders with optimal situational awareness in real-time as incidents evolve, and coordinate response with other agencies in adjacent jurisdictions. Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems provide the foundation for delivering these capabilities.






MCP Enables CAD Systems to Be More Effective

In today’s complex, mission-critical communications environment, every network, system, and application impacts the entire emergency-response process. Because emergency response begins in the emergency communications center (ECC), every agency needs a team of experts who have a deep understanding of CAD, not only the system and the applications that operate on it, and the data that it generates.

MCP is the industry leader in CAD procurement and implementation. We strive to help agencies improve their CAD operations by:

  • Implementing innovative, modern CAD technology in alignment with the agency’s strategic plan
  • Achieve cost savings during the procurement process of upwards of 15 percent
  • Implementing and monitoring a secure and reliable CAD infrastructure
  • Maximizing the functional use of new technology to better meet the needs of first responders and the public
  • Fostering a data-driven operation that improves decision-making
  • Provide IT staff augmentation to manage CAD systems on-site

MCP Leverages DataScape to Improve CAD Capabilities

Implementing MCP’s DataScape analytics solution enables agencies to:

  • Understand 911 call-handling and -dispatching trends and metrics to improve emergency response
  • Leverage machine learning and statistical modeling to provide predictive analytics, such as when to dispatch first responders or crisis response teams
  • Predict 911 call volumes and response requirements
  • Integrate CAD data with other platforms such as records-management systems (RMS), geographic information systems (GIS), and more



Expertise Across the CAD System Lifecycle

Facility design and programming services

Project and construction management

Feasibility studies and concept of operations


Technology acquisition, Planning and Implement Support

Change Management

Cybersecurity Services

Data Integration Support

Software and Application Development

IT Outsourcing

Strategic and executive consulting

Policy and procedure development

Insights and Client Success

Best Practices When Procuring and Implementing a CAD System

Best Practices When Procuring and Implementing a CAD System

MCP subject-matter experts Jack Dougherty and Bob Scott present strategies for success. Listeners will learn about:

  • Common pitfalls during the hardware- and software-acquisition process
  • Trends in hardware and software
  • Best practices and common implementation challenges
Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends Part-1

Blog: Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends That Should Be on Your Radar — Part 1

We explore several short-term trends regarding computer-aided dispatch (CAD). These include:

  • The rapid evolution of CAD mapping
  • The increasing momentum of CAD interoperability
  • The improved integration of CAD systems with law enforcement records-management systems (RMS) and other data platforms
Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends Part-2

Blog: Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends That Should Be on Your Radar — Part 2

We explore how the longer-term trend of browser-based systems gives public safety agencies and their personnel greater:

  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Ubiquity
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