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Expert Public Safety Solutions & Services

A Renaissance in Emergency Response

Public safety is paramount. Our clients rely on us to deliver innovative solutions and services to help them evolve their public safety communications systems and operations to ensure peace of mind throughout their region.

As former clients ourselves, we understand what it takes to achieve that goal, and our expertise across the entire emergency communications ecosystem is providing clients in nearly all 50 states with a full suite of solutions and services.

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Next Generation 911 Networks

Ensure your emergency communications centers are prepared to thrive in a Next Generation 911 environment.

Mission-Critical Facilities

MCP guides clients through the complexities of planning, programming, designing and transitioning to new, or renovated, modern mission-critical facilities.

Mission-Critical Technology

Our expertise helps clients acquire, implement and maintain public safety technology while ensuring a seamless operation.

Continuity of Operations & Disaster Recovery

MCP helps keep your mission-critical operations running with comprehensive, customized, and often evolving COOP/Disaster Recovery plans.

Wireless Communications

We’re helping to guide our clients to integrate and converge wireless and broadband solutions with their public safety operations.

Land Mobile Radio

Land mobile radio systems have been the lifeblood of public safety communications for years, and are still pertinent even in today’s era of FirstNet.

Workforce Optimization

We bring new ideas for how to evolve the public safety workforce to deliver improved emergency response in the digital age.

Shared Services & Consolidation

We work closely with government leaders to determine whether a shared services or consolidated model is ideal for their community.


MCP helps agencies identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to secure their networks and infrastructure from cyber risk.

Mission-Critical Networks

We’re supporting our clients by designing and monitoring highly reliable, secure and easy-to-manage public safety networks.

Workflow Automation

MCP helps public safety and criminal justice agencies plan and integrate complex and varied systems to streamline and share data in real time.



MCP’s consulting expertise brings a holistic perspective across the entire emergency response ecosystem to solve even the most complex public safety communications challenges.

Data Integration & Analytics

MCP helps to integrate data originating from new digital-based applications to evolve 911 centers into proactive hubs that prevent emergencies instead of just responding to them.

IT Network & Support

MCP offers a complete portfolio of information technology and network solutions that protect organizations from unplanned network and IT downtime.

Network Management & Monitoring

MCP ‘s public safety network management and monitoring services help to manage, monitor, detect and network incidents on their behalf to help clients realize significant IT cost-savings while increasing reliability, efficiency and security.

Model for Advancing Public Safety

MCP’s MAPS(SM) Program helps agencies identify, assess and prioritize their mission critical infrastructure needs.

Vendor Management

MCP offers vendor management services that enable agencies to control costs, strengthen service delivery and reduce risk throughout the process of outsourcing to vendors while extracting the most value from their IT investments.

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How can we support your mission? From design and procurement to building and management, our national team of experts is here to help…because the mission matters.


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