Public Safety Data Integration

Integrate Rich Data to Improve Emergency Response Outcomes

Data originating from sources like social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart city technology, connected devices and crowdsourcing applications has the power to raise situational awareness to levels previously unimaginable for public safety so that resources can be better deployed. Soon, data, rather than voice, could drive emergency response, and 911 centers could become proactive hubs that prevent emergencies instead of only responding to them.

While the enormous influx of rich data brings immense opportunities, it also creates tremendous challenges for government agencies. Data integration is not a plug-in process — it must be translated into actionable insights. Standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, security, analytics, training and more are required to unlock data’s full value.

At Mission Critical Partners, we’re helping public safety organizations consume and interpret rich data in ways unimaginable just a short time ago. We stand prepared to help clients evaluate their public safety data integration needs and embrace the data revolution so that it improves emergency response outcomes, not hinders it.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights

MCP helps clients zero in on the data sources that offer the greatest opportunity to enhance operations and then seamlessly integrate data into their public safety operations. Working with MCP, clients can expect:

  • Seamless integration of supplemental data into existing networks and systems
  • Improved outcomes and results from data integration
  • A plan for integrating data with downstream entities, such as emergency responders
  • Governance structures and protocols surrounding data that empowers telecommunicators

Empowering Public Safety Organizations

Our expertise in data integration is enabling public safety agencies across the country to evolve the ways in which they interpret data sources.

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Key Areas Of Data Integration


Supplemental data source evaluation

Data integration roadmap


Procurement/contract negotiations

Network integration



Device-based hybrid location validation

Operations integration

Metrics design

Social media program development

Service management

Data Integration Insights

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Webinar: Social Media & Emergency Response

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Webinar: Data Integration: Moving Beyond 512 Characters of Legacy Data

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Infographic: The Possibilities of a Converged FirstNet and NG911 Public Safety System

See the possibilities of a converged FirstNet and NG911 Public Safety System


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