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We Turn Mission-Critical Challenges Into Opportunities

At Mission Critical Partners, we help our clients tackle their biggest mission-critical challenges, question the status quo and implement change that has a long-lasting impact. We’re changing the future of public sector technology and operations, project by project and client by client, in order to improve outcomes for a demanding new digital world.


911 & Emergency Communications Centers

By partnering with 911 organizations at the local, state and federal government levels, we’re helping to implement effective and efficient public safety communications systems and operations.

Law Enforcement

We collaborate with law enforcement agencies to help them develop facilities and communications infrastructure that meets their complex and specialized needs.

Biometrics & Repositories

We are the industry leader in operationalizing new biometrics technology and data to help agencies improve organizational effectiveness and advance their missions.


We stand prepared to help you leverage technology and actionable data to increase access to justice and improve decision making for all parties.

Criminal Justice

We work with criminal justice agencies’ complex systems to improve data- and information-sharing throughout the entire sector.


We’re helping to modernize telecommunications infrastructure for utility firms looking to harness advancements in wireless, broadband and IP networks.


Educational institutions look to MCP for guidance as they explore new technologies that will help them respond effectively and quickly during emergencies.

Fire & EMS

We’re helping fire and EMS organizations take advantage of modern technology and networks in order to enable better-informed and actionable decisions.

Smart & Safe Cities

We’re supporting communities as they look to leverage rich data from sensors to enhance situational awareness, improve response outcomes and keep first responders safer.


We help healthcare organizations modernize their systems for always-available, efficient and effective real-time mission-critical communications.

Emergency Management

From addressing the hazards of emergency response process to augmenting IT staff, we deliver innovative solutions that help agencies prepare for, mitigate and recover from disasters.

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How can we support your mission? From design and procurement to building and management, our national team of experts is here to help…because the mission matters.

Mission Critical Partners

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