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MCP’s Green Initiatives for Climate Action

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) is tackling climate change head-on by adopting sustainable practices. By reducing travel, embracing remote work, implementing energy-saving measures, migrating to the cloud, and promoting eco-friendly solutions for our clients, MCP is making significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint. Join MCP in building a greener future for our planet.

MCP Going Green

Commitment to Sustainability and Operational Adaptations

MCP recognizes the profound impact of global warming and climate change, driven by human consumption and population growth. We strive to balance environmental, social and economic practices while enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.

To achieve this, MCP has implemented the following measures:

  • Adapted operational environment: We reduced office space and embraced virtual meetings to minimize the need for physical infrastructure.
  • Energy-saving measures: We have incorporated energy-efficient equipment and optimized HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption.
  • Cloud migration: We have migrated our IT systems to the cloud, reducing the reliance on on-premise equipment and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we extended our commitment to sustainability beyond our operations. we promote client sustainability through technology purchases and engage individuals through social impact programs. By providing essential services while actively contributing to a more sustainable future, we aim to improve public safety and justice outcomes.

Nurturing Client Relationships with Sustainable and Ethical IT Solutions

Our company culture revolves around putting clients first, with a strong emphasis on our core values of Persistence, Integrity, Prudence, Accountability, and Trust. We strive to expand beyond Green IT and promote sustainable business practices that encourage green initiatives in our clients’ technology purchases.

To achieve this, we follow these key principles:

  • Tailored technology solutions: Since many of our clients are local and state governments with limited budgets, we aim to provide technology that meets their current and future needs without unnecessary features that add costs and increase their carbon footprint. Our approach involves planning technology requirements based on client needs rather than wants.
  • Innovating for a sustainable future: We are innovators in public safety and justice ecosystems, leveraging cloud migration advantages to reduce carbon emissions and provide real-time access to information. Working with technology providers, we aim to transform the industry by offering clients innovative solutions ranging from on-premises systems to 100 percent cloud solutions or a hybrid approach.
  • Reducing pollution, enhancing resilience: By prioritizing our clients’ needs and offering innovative solutions, we reduce pollution through technology and processes chosen with our clients. Our solutions not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide backup facilities in the event of ransomware or similar cybersecurity attacks, minimizing downtime.

Through our client-centric approach and commitment to sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment while meeting the technology needs of our clients.

Change Management Approach
MCP Going Green People

People & Sustainability: MCP’s Green Commitment

At MCP, we prioritize our people as our most valuable asset. Recognizing the environmental impact of employee travel, we have implemented strategies to minimize our carbon footprint. This includes reducing technology usage, paper consumption, recycling, and optimizing hardware replacement cycles. With over 90% remote work capability, we have embraced a digital and cloud-based world, enabling efficient virtual collaboration through Microsoft Teams. By carefully reviewing and reducing travel, we have significantly cut expenses while empowering our staff and clients. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to create positive and sustainable impacts on the environment while prioritizing the well-being of our people.

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