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Ensuring Always-On Communications for Healthcare Providers

Achieving always-available communications for large, enterprise health facilities, hospitals and clinics, emergency medical services (EMS) and other stakeholder groups, is essential for the healthcare industry. When lives are on the line, efficient and effective real-time communications can strengthen patient, staff, and visitor safety, improve overall efficiency, and enable healthcare providers to focus on what matters most—patient care and improving health outcomes. From Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks, incident management systems and data integration, to broadband communications and community health systems, technology is modernizing healthcare.

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) works closely with healthcare organizations—drawing on decades of operational, technological and personnel experience—to keep their communications up and running 24 x 7.

What Clients Can Expect Partnering with MCP

At MCP, our goal is to help ensure that the communications technology healthcare agencies rely upon is resilient in the face of ever-evolving threats and disturbances. All of this is done with an eye toward the unique circumstances of each organization, e.g., resources, socioeconomics, geography and other differentiating factors. Working with MCP, agencies can expect:

  • Continuous mission-critical communications between hospitals and healthcare facilities, and between those facilities and EMS providers and other public safety agencies
  • Highly reliable in-building and on-street land mobile radio (LMR) coverage and capacity
  • Reduced communications technology and network implementation costs and maximized project budgets

MCP’s work on behalf of healthcare agencies is not limited to technology procurement, implementation and operation; we also perform workflow integration and analytics to help agencies bring together disparate and diverse communications systems to enhance data accessibility and improve patient health outcomes.

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

MCP is dedicated to supporting our clients’ mission-critical response initiatives.

subject-matter experts dedicated to supporting mission-critical communications

mission-critical projects


of the nation’s top Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) are supported by MCP


of our clients remain with us from project to project

Key Areas of Healthcare Expertise


Land Mobile Radio

Wireless Communications




Data Integration & Analytics

Workflow Automation




Continuity-of-Operations and Disaster-Recovery Planning

IT Network & Support

Network Management & Monitoring

Healthcare Agency Insights

Developing an RFP for Your Radio System Upgrade or Replacement

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of going through the RFP process at the start of a project and outline the standard elements of any RFP. In addition, we walk you through the five-step process of RFP development to ensure that every project that meets your agency’s goals, budget and timeline.


D.C. Develops an Interesting Approach to Triaging Low-Acuity 911 Calls

This new program in the District of Columbia is helping to lessen the burden on emergency rooms, which still are overburdened by low-acuity patients that really should be getting healthcare in a non-emergency setting.


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