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Make Confident Technology Decisions and Ensure Sustainability

Technology plays an indispensable role in the emergency response and criminal justice ecosystem — it provides essential information to telecommunicators, field personnel and practicioners, enables effective communications, enhanced decision-making and delivers faster and improved outcomes for the community.

Large-scale technology projects — such as call-handling equipment, computer-aided dispatch, records management and jail management systems — are complex and time-consuming undertakings. While they present significant opportunities, they create new challenges related to operations and policy, maintenance, integration and lifecycle support.

At Mission Critical Partners, we bring independent, objective guidance to the technology acquisition, implementation and integration process, helping clients alleviate risk, maximize their spend and improve project success. Our emphasis is on identifying solutions that put the client’s needs first and enabling them to focus on their day-to-day priorities while we ensure project success. And, we helping our clients create workflows in and around the technologies they use everyday.

What Clients Can Expect

MCP’s experienced professionals guide clients through the procurement and implementation of mission-critical technology that enables more effective emergency response. After implementation, we assist clients by supporting their technologies throughout their lifecycle and providing integration services to connect disparate systems. Working with MCP, government agencies can expect:

  • Significant cost-savings during procurement ranging from 15 to 25 percent
  • A seamless cutover process
  • Assistance overcoming roadblocks and avoiding pitfalls
  • Reduced complexity and greater likelihood of project success
  • Information technology (IT) support for greater technology and system uptime and availability
  • Improved collaboration between public safety and criminal justice communities


Independent, objective guidance to the technology acquisition and support process.

vendors’ products assessed and implemented

technology projects completed


initial procurement cost savings

years of experience

Legacy and Cloud-Based Public Safety Technology Capabilities

Call-handling and processing systems

Records management systems


Two-way voice and data systems

Jail management systems


Case management systems (prosecutor, public defender, court case, corrections offender)

Community supervision systems

Automatic vehicle location systems


Logging/recording systems

Mobile dispatch systems


Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-analytics systems

Vendor management


IT support and troubleshooting

Technology Resources

Memphis Police and 911 Communications Enjoys a Remarkable Rebirth with MCP's Support

With design and technical support from MCP, Memphis Police and 911 Communications retrofitted the police department’s training academy to a state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot primary 911 center.


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Maintaining Operations Remotely During a Public Health Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic created a public health crisis that is affecting organizations across the country. In this whitepaper, we explore the options available to public safety agencies and emergency communications center officials that will enable them to maintain operations in the event of a full or partial facility evacuation.


Lessons Learned: Navigating the Technology Upgrade Process

Listen to this virtual webinar to learn the potential pitfalls that can arise during a technology replacement and upgrade project, and the key lessons MCP has learned along the way.


Tips for Evaluating Vendor Proposals

This infographic outlines best practices to keep in mind as you prepare to evaluate vendor proposals during the technology procurement process.


The Evolution of the Emergency Communications Ecosystem

Public safety communications is undergoing a major transformation. This whitepaper explores the factors driving the need for 911 center evolution, and insight into how to accomplish that evolution.


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