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A 12-Year Tradition of Improving Emergency Response Outcomes

A History Dedicated to Supporting Our Clients Mission-Critical Operations

MCP was founded in 2009 from humble beginnings.

Our co-founders, Kevin Murray, Brian Bark and Len Kowalski, started the firm in makeshift offices above their garages and in their basements with a vision of evolving emergency response for the clients we serve and their communities.

They were soon joined by David F. Jones and David Boyce. Together, they spent countless hours and weekends building a company consisting of innovators, engineers, subject-matter experts, former first responders and project managers who share a common passion – delighting clients and improving life-safety outcomes.

Just one year later they opened an office in Texas before hitting the 50 staff member milestone in 2012. MCP’s founders had a vision of growing the firm to 75 employees, the size they believed would give it influence in shaping the future of public safety communications. Today, MCP has more than 150 specialized professionals and we could not be prouder to have positively influenced the mission in so many communities…because the mission matters.

MCP Milestones


  • MCP founded
  • Work on FEMA’s Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program partnering with IEM


  • Emergency Number Professional Program (ENP) training program initiated
  • Dallas, Texas office opens


  • Pennsylvania 14-County Emergency Services Internet Protocol Network implemented
  • 50 staff member milestone


  • Kansas Next Generation 911 Strategic Plan published


  • MCP’s Lifecycle Management Services (LMS) Business launched


  • Pennsylvania Automatic License Reader Program (ALPR) established


  • Arizona FirstNet Project begins
  • Statewide Nebraska Wireless Testing project starts


  • Illinois Next Generation 911 Feasibility Study published




  • MCP launches a proprietary assessment program, the Model for Advancing Public Safety (MAPS), and completes 61 assessments for public safety
  • Ten years of MCP milestone
  • NetInform, NetPulse and NetPulse Secure solutions become available
  • Reinforced vendor-neutrality commitment

The Next Era of Our Evolution

For the past twelve years, we have been dedicated to helping improve public safety and justice outcomes for the clients we serve and their communities, and we’re excited for what our future will bring.

Our success and growth can be attributed to the people who have positively influenced our firm, our passionate staff members and our clients who know we will do whatever it takes to improve emergency response.

As we enter our second decade, we are just as excited about where we are going as where we’ve been. What’s coming to the mission-critical communications sector will be profound and transformative.

We remain committed to leading the sector toward a very exciting future and helping our clients navigate the change by serving their interests and exceeding their expectations.

Helping Our Clients Thrive

We Help Clients Improve Outcomes and Better Serve Their Communities

Butler County, PA Maximizes the Value of its Land Mobile Radio System with MCP's Guidance

Working alongside MCP, a Butler County, PA public safety organization was able to reduce its system implementation costs while boosting the coverage and capacity capabilities of its land mobile radio system.


Florida County Gains Real-Time 911 Network Visibility with MCP’s Co-Managed IT Platform

Lee County, FL Department of Public Safety 911 officials gain 24/7 visibility into their 911 network with one, simple-to-use platform that helps ensure their network is functioning at a high level of reliability.


MCP Helps Fort Myers PSAP Resolve a 911 Staffing Crisis

After completing a staffing assessment and by embracing the concept of workforce optimization, the Fort Myers 911 Center was able to solve its staffing issues and improve operations and performance.


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How can we support your mission? From design and procurement to building and management, our national team of experts is here to help…because the mission matters.


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