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Criminal Justice

Effective, Efficient Systems for the Justice Process

The justice sector—including law-enforcement agencies, the courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and corrections departments—requires communications systems that are reliable, cost-effective, and interoperable to enhance public safety, prevent and reduce the dangerous effects of criminal behavior on the community, and prosecute offenders.

From computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems to records management and jail management systems (RMS/JMS), agencies within the justice sector expect best-of-breed solutions that are effective and efficient, and which help them realize additional value from existing data. The ultimate goal is improving decision-making and broken down siloes throughout the entire justice process.

Vendor-Neutral Support for Justice Agencies

MCP offers services and solutions to support all aspects of the justice market; in doing so, we apply a holistic, vendor-neutral approach to every aspect of a project. Clients working with MCP can expect:

  • End-to-end support to meet project goals, budgets and timelines
  • Services and solutions to help agencies realize more value from existing systems and data to support enhanced decision-making
  • Effective, integrated information-sharing systems that promote interoperability and improve communications between the public-safety and justice sectors
  • Creative solutions to data-sharing challenges unique to the justice sector, from law enforcement, to the court system, to corrections

Support for Complex Systems and Needs

MCP’s team of subject-matter experts is experienced in the complex systems and needs unique to agencies in the justice sector.

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Areas of Expertise



Continuity of Operations & Disaster Recovery Planning

Strategy, Management, and Organization

Resources for Justice Agencies

How Effective Data Integration Simplifies a Complex Ecosystem

A lot can go wrong throughout the justice and public safety ecosystems when information gaps occur. This article explores how to address the inefficiencies of information flow.


Enhancing Law Enforcement with Actionable Data

Thanks to public safety broadband communications, a tremendous amount of data generated by existing systems can now be leveraged to enhance the way law enforcement agencies respond to incidents.


Georgia Criminal Justice Information-Sharing Enterprise

The State of Georgia’s criminal justice community needed a solution for improving the quality of data from existing systems and simplifying delivery between agencies. Learn more about how MCP worked with the State to develop a system structure that improved efficiences, saved time, and reduced errors.


The New Emergency Communications Ecosystem

As technology continues to evolve, so too does the way we respond to emergency situations. How do these advances change the way we see the emergency communications ecosystem?


The NIBRS Deadline is Approaching – Here’s What You Should Be Doing

Law-enforcement agencies nationwide are grappling with their NIBRS migration before the January 2021 deadline. This whitepaper explores tactics to help them expedite their transition.


The Prescription for Thwarting Cyberattacks

A lot can go wrong with communications networks from a cybersecurity perspective. Learn more about how to protect your networks and how to quickly resolve issues that occur.


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