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911 & Emergency
Communications Centers

Leveraging Technology to Support Mission-Critical Operations

Emergency communications centers (ECCs)—also known as public safety answering points (PSAPs)—handle incoming 911 calls, dispatch emergency response, and provide vital instructions to emergency callers. Emergency operations centers (EOCs) are activated during major incidents and coordinate multijurisdictional emergency response and communications.

Both are mission-critical organizations that must evolve continually to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities they serve. From the facilities that house their operations to the technologies and systems they employ to support communications, ECCs and EOCs have unique and complex needs. For instance, many ECCs are migrating toward Next Generation 911 (NG911) and deploying Emergency Services Internet Protocol Networks (ESInets) and Next Generation Core Services (NGCS), while also readying their geographic information system (GIS)-generated data for use in an NG911 environment.

To meet these needs, ECCs and EOCs require cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing operations and enable them to protect and serve their communities without interruption.

Creative Solutions to Meet Unique, Complex Needs

MCP’s holistic, vendor-neutral approach to projects enables clients to select best-of-breed solutions that meet their unique needs and those of the communities they serve. MCP clients can expect:

  • End-to-end support to meet project goals, budgets and timelines
  • Creative solutions to complex problems facing ECCs and EOCs
  • Expertise in technologies, systems and applications to support ECC/EOC unique needs
  • Effective, interoperable systems that support and improve communications with the law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies they serve, as well as secondary agencies—such as departments of public works and transportation—that have an impact on emergency response, especially during major incidents

Experience You Can Trust

MCP is dedicated to supporting our clients’ emergency-response activities.


of MCP SMEs have worked in ECCs

state and regional NG911 strategic plans authored

state and regional Emergency Services Internet Protocol Networks (ESInets) designed

ECCs interconnected via ESInet deployments

Areas of Expertise

Next Generation 911


Land Mobile Radio

Wireless Communications



Network Management & Monitoring

IT Network & Support


Data Integration & Analytics

Workflow Automation


Workforce Optimization


Continuity-of-Operations and Disaster-Recovery Planning

The Model for Advancing Public Safety


Shared Services & Consolidation


Resources for ECCs/EOCs

On-Demand Webinar: Integrating Broadband & NG911 Into ECCs

This webinar examines how public safety broadband networks and NG911 need to work together, as well as the operational impact these technologies will have on ECCs.


Case Study: NCT9-1-1 Revolutionizes 9-1-1 Service and Delivery with MCP's Guidance

The NCT9-1-1 and MCP partnership began in 2009 when the two organizations embarked on a road-mapping effort to ensure the region’s complete transition to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) services. What ensued is a long-standing relationship that has resulted in NCT9-1-1 becoming a leader in the public safety communications sector regarding the NG9-1-1 migration.


Case Study: Memphis Police and 911 Communications Enjoy a Rebirth with MCP’s Support

Memphis Police and 911 Communications were challenged by aging infrastructure and systems and an understaffed 911 center. Learn more about how MCP helped them update technology, optimize staffing and reduce call answering times.


Case Study: MCP Helps Florida PSAP Resolve a Staffing Struggle

Learn how a Florida PSAP is on its way to filling all open call-taker positions while also revamping its training and retention programs.


The Lean ECC: A Way to Make ECCs Better at What They Do

The lean ECC is a concept developed to help centers more efficiently and effectively leverage available resources to streamline service delivery and improve emergency response.


Infographic: Network Management—10 Facts Every PSAP Should Know

Most public safety organizations are unaware of every network, system, component and device used by their agency, and most do not maintain up-to-date inventories of their network and system infrastructure. MCP can maintain applications and keep networks secure, stable and running efficiently.


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