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Geographic Information Systems

The Foundation of Effective Mission-Critical Decision-Making

Geographic information systems (GIS) and the geospatial data that they generate traditionally have had limited utility in legacy public-sector applications and systems. For the most part, this data has been used to support mapping applications, and not much else.

But all of that is changing. Today, highly accurate GIS-generated geospatial data is replacing the legacy databases that historically have been used in government. With GIS, private-sector and public-sector leaders are able to collect and analyze large amounts of data to produce relevant, actionable information. Here are some ways in which GIS is helping government’s ability to improve outcomes:

  • Supporting the addressing function of municipalities and counties to ensure that emergency responders arrive at the correct location
  • Locating emergency response personnel and ensuring that they arrive at an emergency scene as quickly as possible
  • Detecting crime patterns and enabling predictive policing

What Clients Can Expect

MCP’s subject-matter experts have decades of collective experience helping agencies procure, implement and leverage GIS. Specific tasks that MCP performs include the following:

  • Perform an overall assessment of the agency’s GIS program, such as a needs assessment
  • Support the agency in determining whether it has the staff necessary to meet GIS responsibilities
  • Provide onsite staff augmentation support until the agency can expand the number of staff members, as well as their expertise, to meet those responsibilities
  • Assess and support the agency’s data-generation and data-maintenance activities to ensure the highest quality data possible
  • Write technical specifications and request for proposals (RFP) documents necessary for vendor-neutral GIS procurements and updates, evaluate and score vendor proposals, and support contract negotiations
  • Create policies, standard operating procedures and workflows that govern how GIS will be utilized
  • Support the agency in creating interjurisdictional agreements with neighboring agencies

Empowering Improved Outcomes with GIS

Our expertise in GIS helps clients make data-based decisions and enable efficiencies and productitivies.

agencies supported on GIS initiatives

industry standards and best practices that MCP has contributed to

projects since foundation

professionals at MCP specializing in mission-critical operations and technology

GIS Expertise that Improves Decision-Making


Enterprise-wide program assessments

Staffing-specific assessments

Staff augmentation

Procurement management and support


Implementation management and support

Governance support

Geospatial data maintenance support

What We Think

Don’t Take Shortcuts When Developing NG911 GIS Data

Developing local GIS data so that it aligns with NG911 standards is a laborious process that can take months or years to complete. This whitepaper presents tactics for ensuring the highest-quality GIS data.


MCP Helps Region 13 Better Understand Its GIS Environment

This case study describes how MCP helped the public safety agencies in the Pittsburgh metropolitian region develop a path toward regional data-sharing and better understand their readiness for operating in an NG911 environment. 


MCP Helps Carroll County Move Closer to NG911 by Supporting Its GIS Efforts

After a GIS analyst retired, MCP helped Carroll County, Maryland, fill the void by assuming the duties of the departed employee. This case study describes the effort, as well as a corollary project to assess the county’s readiness to transition from legacy 911 service to NG911.


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