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Our Mission is Not Typical

Our Success is Based on the Success of Our Clients

At Mission Critical Partners, our mission is simple: to go beyond the role of just a consultant. Our calling is to partner with you in your critical mission.

That’s because it’s essential that your mission-critical communications system is optimized to your unique environment to ensure accuracy. Every call, every integration, and every record has to be right – every time.

We develop a sound approach by seeking to understand the challenge while analyzing the data and information available and developing a resolution.

Our core values of persistence, integrity, trust, accountability and prudence help us get there.

We bring deep, functional expertise, but what makes us different is our holistic perspective that breaks down the silos of mission-critical infrastructure.

Most importantly, we stand behind the importance of the work our clients do – how critical their systems are, not just for their organization, but their entire community. While we are proud to have the largest and most experienced team of specialized professionals in the industry, our greatest pride comes from applying this expertise to develop and implement the best possible solution…because the mission matters.

The Proof is in the Numbers

  • More than 90 percent of our clients remain with us from project to project
  • Our specialized professionals are integral members of our team, bringing an average of 25 years of experience to the projects they support
  • We expand upon our experience year after year, completing more than 3200 projects since our inception in 2009
  • Trusted by more than 1300 public-sector and mission-critical clients
  • We serve clients in nearly all 50 states
  • Our efforts create potential cost-savings for clients upwards of 15 percent
  • Assisting 90 percent of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas on their public safety initiatives
  • Supported the development of more than 90 public safety standards documents

We’re Committed to Putting Our Clients First

Partnering with a firm that brings an independent, objective perspective to every engagement is a top priority of our clients. We stand behind our commitment to always put the fundamental interests of our clients first.

From our inception, vendor-neutrality is a value that underpins every aspect of what we do. Our goal is to determine the most favorable solution for our clients based on their unique requirements, budget, governance structure, operations and existing technologies. We provide a holistic perspective of the entire mission-critical communications ecosystem, free of bias or favoritism to any specific product or service provider. Our recommendations are always based on the value and the benefit provided to the client.

For clients, this approach means more control and greater visibility into the systems they are ultimately responsible for operating, and a successful project that improves outcomes for our clients, and their communities.

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How can we support your mission? From design and procurement to building and management, our national team of experts is here to help…because the mission matters.

Mission Critical Partners

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