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Shared Services
& Consolidation

Rethinking the Emergency Services Delivery Model

Government officials today are exploring innovative ways to eliminate duplicate services and foster regional collaboration without impacting the delivery of quality emergency response to the community.

Current economic realities require that public-sector organizations consider whether a shared services model — related to facilities, workforce, networks and/or technology — will create operational efficiencies.

Mission Critical Partners works closely with government leaders to determine whether a shared services model is ideal for their community. Working collaboratively with our clients, we evaluate the opportunity that can be gained through consolidation, collocation, facility and technology sharing and/or organizational change. Our approach is impartial and even-handed, taking into consideration the sense of ownership each community has to its respective emergency service organization. Ultimately, our commitment is to aid our clients with the implementation of a solution that will help them deliver improved response and service to their community over the long term.

We begin every shared service initiative with an objective assessment. To ensure a comprehensive, seamless transition, we provide transition and change-management assistance.

What Clients Can Expect

MCP helps with the obstacles and opportunities surrounding shared services and consolidation. Working alongside our clients, we help them:

  • Understand what efficiencies can be gained while maintaining or exceeding service delivery
  • Manage the difficulties of transitioning the workforce to a shared services model
  • Experience a smooth transition of emergency operations and staff to shared facilities and technologies
  • Engage stakeholders to alleviate the anxiety that comes with change
  • Understand where cost efficiencies exist

Our Experience

MCP brings deep experience working with our clients to improve emergency response outcomes.


of experts are former first responders

facility and operations projects since 2009

government shared services programs since 2009

interconnected PSAPS with Network Deployments

Shared Services / Consolidation Insights

The Evolution of the Emergency Communications Ecosystem

Public safety communications is undergoing a major transformation. This whitepaper explores the factors driving the need for 911 center evolution, and insight into how to accomplish that evolution.


National Capital Region CAD2CAD Assessment

In the National Capital Region, MCP helped public safety agencies, as well as airport and transportation authorities, reduce response times with the implementation of a regional CAD2CAD technology-sharing program.


MCP Helps the Imperial Valley Communications Authority Pursue PSAP Regionalization

Mission Critical Partners worked with the Imperial Valley Communications Authority to conduct a feasibility study to determine if regionalization made sense for the county.


Expert Advice to Guide Your Facility Project

This book offers guidance to those who are spearheading facility projects, providing best practices and considerations that will minimize risk and reduce the complexity of the process.


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