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Mission-Critical NetPulse and NetPulse Secure Monitoring

Cyberattackers Have You in Their Sights.
What’s Your Next Move?

The only constant in cybersecurity is that the threat changes constantly. As today’s networks become more Internet Protocol (IP)-based and cyberattackers increasingly target the public and private sectors, having a solid network and cybersecurity monitoring strategy is crucial. MCP’s NetPulse network and cybersecurity monitoring services enable you to take a proactive, offensive approach to staying ahead of network outages, including those caused by cyberattacks, by adding continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, and active response. These fully managed services are part of MCP’s SecureHalo family of cybersecurity solutions.

We partner with leading cybersecurity providers to provide unified, 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) services to mission-critical organizations nationwide.

See How We Protect

Rely upon Mission Critical Partners for practical, high-performance, and robust cybersecurity and network monitoring that protects against outages, as well as current and future threats. Traditional cybersecurity technologies are not enough, such as antivirus and traffic inspection solutions. MCP’s offering combines a security operations center (SOC) with 24×7 MDR services – the ultimate long-term cybersecurity strategy.

  • A 24×7 SOC team is focused on catching breaches and rapidly responding to contain them. We monitor your network and detain advanced threats to prevent lateral spread that compromises your operations.
  • We bring deep knowledge of cyberattacker tradecraft and real-world cybersecurity experience to provide 24×7, unified detection and response services.
  • We offer same-day agent deployment to provide a streamlined onboarding experience to simplify the initiation process for our clients, so you can get coverage without comprising your efficiency.
  • We offer complimentary and necessary ancillary services to provide complete protection against downtime – including dark web monitoring, endpoint detection-and-response (EDR), and security training to enhance awareness.
  • Our offering supports compliance tracking and training for compliance frameworks, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800, CMMC, CISv8.


Ticketing, 24/7 Monitoring, and Device Management

Reporting and Analytics

Incident Response and Management

Incident Escalations and Response Reports

Multi-factor Authentication

Application Monitoring

Active Threat Hunting

Lateral Spread Detection

Insider Threat Detection

Endpoint Protection Software

Anti-virus/EDR Integration

Rapid Threat Detection and Response

24/7 SOC

Dark Web Monitoring

Network Traffic Monitoring

MCP versus The Hacker Timeline

When an attack occurs, detection and response times determine whether the attack succeeds. We offer complete, 24×7 managed detection and response that stops threats within minutes and closes the gap between the identification of an event and the actual response and remediation. We immediately isolate endpoints and stop the threat from moving laterally into other systems.


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