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Leveraging Court Technology Solutions for Timely and Cost-Effective Justice

Whether you’re looking to maintain the integrity of your court system and its records or improve your organization’s ability to deliver timely and cost-effective justice, our mission is to support your operational confidence with innovative, modern criminal justice technology.

We stand prepared to help you leverage technology and actionable data to increase access to justice and improve decision making for all parties. And in the event of an unplanned interruption—a cyberattack, natural disaster or public health emergency—MCP is ready to help ensure our country’s court technology solutions have integrity and maintain continuity and consistency.

Graphic of person and courts icons. MCP's court technology solutions work to deliver timely and cost-effective justice solutions.

Helping the Courts Realize the True Potential of Judicial System Technology

With the digital transformation and the demand for always-on government services, courts are adapting to a changing justice landscape. We view that adaption as a tremendous opportunity.

We are the partner that can help your courts system realize the true potential of criminal justice technology and data – whether it be building a strategic plan, procuring and implementing a new system, or managing, securing, or integrating your systems and data long-term.  MCP provides comprehensive consulting; IT, network and cybersecurity; and data integration services that enables our clients to:

  • Implement modernized criminal justice technology that becomes a strategic enabler
  • Leverage technology and optimize operations to deliver access to timely justice and just outcomes
  • Bend the cost curve for IT, court operations and the justice community
  • Maintain the security and integrity of court IT infrastructure and court operations

What Makes MCP Different?

MCP employs industry-known experts with a proven track record of solving unique problems.

  • We invest in our clients to understand the dilemmas they face, the goals they seek to achieve and their potential
  • We bring broad, deep functional and technical expertise and tools from hundreds of justice projects nationwide to every engagement
  • We leverage these resources to collaboratively guide, support, augment, and protect our clients as they realize their vision
  • Our clients are empowered to achieve their goals and advance their mission

Expertise Across the Technology Lifecycle

Assessments and Data Collection

Strategic Planning and Governance

Business Process Transformation

Financial Planning

Technology acquisition, Planning and Implement Support

Change Management

Cybersecurity Services

Data Integration Support

Software and Application Development

IT Outsourcing

Insights and Client Success

MCP's Support of Iowa CJIS Helps to Make the Program 'Irreplaceable'

MCP's Support of Iowa CJIS Helps to Make the Program 'Irreplaceable'

Supported by MCP, the Iowa CJIS program has increased the amount of information that is being shared across the state’s justice community exponentially

  • Improved the accuracy of data
  • Eliminated pertinent data being lost
  • Dramatically reduced the amount of time needed to deliver data
How the Courts Can Master Cybersecurity Execution

Whitepaper: How the Courts Can Master Cybersecurity Execution

Cyberattackers constantly are on the lookout for ways to infiltrate a court’s systems networks, systems, and even devices. This whitepaper discusses strategies and tactics ranging from:

  • Foundational
  • Immediate
  • Advanced
‘Big Data’ Is Helping Justice Organizations Address Their Biggest Challenges

Blog: ‘Big Data’ Is Helping Justice Organizations Address Their Biggest Challenges

Courts can benefit tremendously from recent advances in big data tools. Learn more about.

  • Entry and processing using AI/ML
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • AI/ML-assisted judicial decision-making

Clients We Support

MCP Courts Marin-County,-CA
MCP Courts Iowa-CJIS
MCP Courts Lake-County-IL

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How can we support your mission? From design and procurement to building and management, our national team of experts is here to help…because the mission matters.


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