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Elevating Public Safety Facilities for Resilience and Efficiency

At Mission Critical Partners (MCP) we specialize in updating and designing public safety facilities and emergency operations centers (EOCs). We prioritize enhancing operational capabilities while ensuring security and peace of mind. With a focus on resilient infrastructure and adaptable spaces, we provide comprehensive support from planning to maintenance. Our expertise also extends to developing efficient real-time crime centers (RTCCs).

Elevating Operational Capabilities

Elevating Operational Capabilities and Security with MCP’s Mission-Critical Facilities

Public safety facilities and EOCs must provide lasting security and peace of mind for the communities they serve, as well as the first responders protecting them. At MCP, our goal is to ensure these mission-critical facilities enhance an organization’s operational capabilities. We achieve this by:

  • Incorporating highly resilient infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service
  • Designing adaptable, engaging, and uplifting spaces for the users
  • Working alongside partners to offer specialized knowledge for updating aging infrastructure through new building design or renovation

Our extensive experience includes master planning, conception, programming, design, and maintaining secure on-premise and remote sites.

Streamlined Risk Management and Seamless Transitions with MCP’s Facility Expertise

MCP is dedicated to assisting clients in managing risk throughout a facility’s entire lifecycle, ensuring the achievement of essential program elements, and overcoming potential challenges that may hinder the facility’s realization. Beyond construction, MCP also provides reliable technology lifecycle support. By partnering with MCP, clients can expect:

  • Reduced likelihood of project change orders and unnecessary expenses
  • Streamlined management with a single point of contact among all vendors, mitigating risk
  • Confident planning for future expansion right from the beginning
  • Seamless transition of emergency operations and staff to new facilities
  • Implementation of fully-redundant, innovative, and sustainable technology and systems
  • Proactive and collaborative monitoring and maintenance support for both system and site infrastructure.

Union County aimed to build a new 24,000 sq ft public safety facility for emergency management, fire marshal, and communications due to space limitations in existing facilities. MCP partnered with the County for project management, grant administration, expertise, and technology implementation. During construction, MCP advised on facility grounding, data center size, infrastructure needs, radio tower coordination, and 911 technology integration.

Sampson County previously used a National Guard Armory for Emergency Communications, Operations, and EMS, which had space limitations and flooding issues. With the assistance of MCP and a NC 911 grant, the County built a 36,000 sq ft emergency services center. This facility now houses the ECC, EOC, EMS, emergency management, fire marshal, and other key staff.

In 2010, FEMA’s CSEPP Program partnered with MCP to plan a new Emergency Services Center in Pueblo County, CO. MCP worked with county officials, securing federal funding for a 30,000 sq ft facility. The center housed a PSAP, EOC, JIC, training room, and public safety offices, designed for future tech needs, while adhering to strict safety standards from NFPA, FEMA, UFC-DoD, NIOSH, NENA, local and state building codes.

Iredell County collaborated with MCP for a new 39,000 sq ft facility. This space serves the County’s Emergency Services including 911, emergency management, fire services, and EMS. It benefits both the county and partnering communities. The facility includes a 911 answering point, data center, emergency operations center, an EMS station, and meeting spaces.

Real Time Crime Center Development

Building Success: Designing and Developing Innovative Real-Time Crime Centers with Mission Critical Partners

Mission Critical Partners understands the critical role that facility design plays in the success of a RTCC. Our expert team guides your organization through the entire facility development process, ensuring a seamless experience. Here’s how our experts streamline your RTCC facility development:

  • Evaluate potential new or existing spaces to identify the most suitable location for your RTCC
  • Plan efficient layouts, considering square footage requirements and necessary upgrades
  • Ensure connectivity and provide video wall support, enabling advanced technology integration
  • Incorporate resilient power systems to maintain uninterrupted operations

With MCP’s comprehensive approach, you can confidently build an innovative RTCC tailored to your organization’s needs.

Facility Expertise By the Numbers

MCP’s specialized facility expertise creates real value for our clients.

designed mission-critical facilities

years' experience on average per consultant

of experts are former first responders

facility and operations projects

Our Key Areas of Expertise


Grant writing


Master planning and concepting


Program management


Hazards analysis and site selection

Planning, programming and design

Technology acquisition, integration and lifecycle support


Facility decommissioning and commissioning


Network design, implementation and management


IT, network and audio-visual support and maintenance

On-premise and remote site monitoring

Integrated vendor support and management



Security assessments and monitoring


Insights and Client Success

Memphis Tennessee Case Study

Case Study: Memphis 911 Center Revamped

Download this client success story to see how MCP transformed Memphis Police and 911 Communications by completing two 911 center staffing studies, building a new state-of-the-art 911 center with an upgraded CAD system that ultimately decreased their average time to answer a call from 90 seconds to 6 seconds.



Facility Book: Expert Advice to Guide Your Mission-Critical Facility Project

This book offers guidance to those who are spearheading facility projects, providing best practices and considerations that will minimize risk and simplify the complexity of the process.


PEMA Resource

State-of-the-Art Headquarters is a Crowning Achievement Delivered Under Budget

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency built a new state-of-the-art emergency operations center that dramatically improves its capabilities, supported by MCP and partner SchraderGroup.


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