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Efficient, Effective and Safe Mission-Critical Facilities

Public safety facilities and emergency operations centers must provide security and peace of mind for the communities they serve — and the first responders who protect them — for decades to come.

The goal of every mission-critical facility project is to ensure the building enhances an organization’s operational capabilities. At Mission Critical Partners, we believe in striking a balance between incorporating highly resilient infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted service with designing adaptable spaces that are engaging and uplifting for the users.

MCP helps government officials make the best possible decisions when it comes to updating aging infrastructure, including new building design or the renovating an existing facility. Working alongside our partners, we bring specialized knowledge of what’s required for a facility to stand up to the rigor of a mission-critical environment. Our extensive experience ranges from master planning and concepting, through planning, programming and design, as well as keeping the on-premise and remote sites secure and maintained.

Bring your Facility Vision to Life

MCP helps clients to manage risk throughout a facility’s lifecycle, ensure essential program elements are achieved and alleviate the challenges that could have a detrimental impact on the efforts to bring the facility to fruition. After construction is complete, MCP provides technology lifecycle support. Working with MCP, clients can expect:

  • A lower likelihood of project change orders and unnecessary expenses
  • A single point of management among all vendors that mitigates risk
  • Confidence by planning for expansion from the beginning
  • A smooth transition of emergency operations and staff to new facilities
  • Fully-redundant, innovative and sustainable technology and systems
  • Proactive and collaborative monitoring and maintenance support for system and site infrastructure

Facility Expertise By the Numbers

MCP’s specialized facility expertise creates real value for our clients.

designed mission-critical facilities

years' experience on average per consultant


of experts are former first responders

facility and operations projects

Key Areas of Mission-Critical Facilities Expertise


Grant writing


Master planning and concepting

Program management


Hazards analysis and site selection

Planning, programming and design

Technology acquisition, integration and lifecycle support

Facility decommissioning and commissioning

Network design, implementation and management


IT, network and audio-visual support and maintenance

On-premise and remote site monitoring

Integrated vendor support and management


Security assessments and monitoring

Mission-Critical Facilities Insights

Improving Emergency Response & Employee Wellness in Iredell County

MCP supported Iredell County in the design, programming and implementation of a new emergency communications center that places interdepartmental collaboration and employee wellness at the forefront.


A Checklist for Securing PSAP Facilities, Personnel and Data

PSAP facilities are being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. This whitepaper discusses how to prevent physical breaches and how to keep a mission-critical facility secure.


Memphis Police and 911 Communications Enjoys a Remarkable Rebirth with MCP's Support

With design and technical support from MCP, Memphis Police and 911 Communications retrofitted the police department’s training academy to a state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot primary 911 center.


Tips for Improving Building Health and Safety

The coronavirus pandemic has caused public safety agencies to reevaluate all aspects of their operations in order to protect staff. In this whitepaper, we explore the steps agencies can take in system and building design to improve health and safety.


State-of-the-Art Headquarters is a Crowning Achievement Delivered Under Budget

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency built a new state-of-the-art emergency operations center that dramatically improves its capabilities, supported by MCP and partner SchraderGroup.


Expert Advice to Guide Your Facility Project

This book offers guidance to those who are spearheading facility projects, providing best practices and considerations that will minimize risk and simplify the complexity of the process.


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