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Transforming Legacy LMR Systems for Mission-Critical Agencies

Mission Critical Partners excels in modernizing legacy land mobile radio (LMR) systems for mission-critical agencies. With decades of experience, we enhance coverage, capacity, and value, seamlessly integrating IP-based networks and cutting-edge technologies. Our vendor-independent approach ensures low-risk implementations and long-term cost-effectiveness. Partner with us to achieve your mission-critical communication goals, unlock ongoing maintenance savings, and empower your agency with forward-looking LMR solutions designed for the future.

Land Mobile Radio

Transforming Legacy LMR Systems for Optimal Performance

Legacy land mobile radio (LMR) systems have become inadequate in meeting today’s evolving public safety requirements. With the need to boost coverage, capacity, and integration with IP-based networks and commercial wireless technologies, mission-critical agencies seek advanced solutions to create maximum value for their investments.

Why Upgrade with Mission Critical Partners:

  • Decades of collective experience
  • Reduced complexity
  • Vendor-independent perspective
  • Future-proof solutions
  • Expertise in analog and digital systems
  • Experts in broadband data and backhauling systems
  • Experts in microwave and fiber-optic technologies

In addition, our LMR expertise includes analog and digital voice/data systems (e.g., Project 25 – P25) operating in VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz bands.

MCP – Your Trusted Partner for Mission-Critical Communications

MCP is a trusted partner for hundreds of agencies, regardless of size, to accomplish their mission-critical communications objectives. Our services enable organizations to:

  • Achieve their goals with increased certainty and control, minimizing risks.
  • Identify and understand their unique system requirements and needs accurately.
  • Attain maximum value from radio investments, resulting in average cost savings of 25 – 40% to reinvest in other initiatives during implementation.
  • Enhance policies, systems, and processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Realize ongoing maintenance savings of up to 20% annually, optimizing resource allocation.
Fire LMR
Dispatch LMR

Cybersecurity Threats to Public-Safety LMR Systems

Public-safety agencies now recognize the grave threat of cyberattacks to their operations, particularly the land mobile radio (LMR) systems adhering to Project 25 (P25) standards. Despite being once isolated, these systems are now vulnerable due to weak controls, poor device policies, lack of training, and shared access in remote shelters. To protect these critical systems, agencies must enhance security measures, strengthen access controls, and prioritize cybersecurity training. Mission Critical Partners offers expert guidance and solutions to support public-safety agencies in safeguarding their LMR systems from cyber threats.

We’re Committed to Helping our Clients Succeed

MCP serves hundreds of organizations, including some of the most innovative public safety agencies.

agencies supported on LMR initiatives

years' experience on average per consultant

of experts are former first responders

facility and operations projects

Key Areas of Land Mobile Radio Expertise


Master planning

Needs assessments

Procurement management

Project and construction management

System design and implementation

Training, education and outreach coordination


Public safety broadband transition planning

Spectrum acquisition and FCC licensing


Propagation studies

RF system design


Backhaul design



Interoperability planning

Communication site facility development

Vendor contract assessment and negotiation


Radio management as a service


System acceptance testing

Tower construction management

In-building communications systems

Insights and Client Success


Podcast: Integrating Broadband Technology with Traditional LMR Systems

In this MCP podcast episode, Scott Neal, VP and Director of Wireless Services at Mission Critical Partners, covers:

  • Integrating broadband technology with traditional LMR systems
  • Insights from industry experts
  • The potential of this combination for mission-critical communications.


Outdoor Warning systems

On-Demand Webinar: Maximizing Life-Saving Potential by Enhancing Outdoor Warning Systems

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Maximizing Life-Saving Potential with Enhanced Outdoor Warning Systems,” to discover the latest OWS innovations:

  • Prerecorded alerts
  • Live voice announcements
  • Tone-only system assessment
  • IPAWS integration
  • Sound levels
  • Real-time health checks


PEMA Resource

Whitepaper: State-of-the-Art Headquarters is a Crowning Achievement Delivered Under Budget

This whitepaper addresses LMR system cybersecurity vulnerabilities and offers protective solutions, including AI-driven security. Download to learn how to secure your systems against cyber threats.


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