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Smart & Safe Cities

Enhancing Mission-Critical Services Through Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

A smart city is defined as an urban area that leverages information and communication technologies to improve operational efficiency, more effectively share information with citizens, and enhance the services provided to them. It also is defined as one that has different types of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in place. These devices—e.g., home and business security systems, wearable and implantable medical devices, traffic sensors, video surveillance systems, and gunshot- and flood-detection—generate or collect a tremendous amount of data that then can be integrated, analyzed and leveraged to manage a wide variety assets and resources, and to support services provisioning.

At MCP, we’re helping our clients enhance mission-critical services through smart-city technologies, envisioning a world where wireless-enabled sensors report emergencies through the 911 network, multimedia data is delivered in contextual and actionable formats to enhance situation awareness for first responders and emergency communications centers (ECCs), and municipalities can engage in smart policing and other tactics that leverage predictive analytics. All to ensure that a smart city is a safer one.

What Clients Can Expect

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) works closely with public-safety officials—drawing on decades of operational, technological and personnel experience—to develop strategies for integrating their communications systems with smart city/IoT systems, and for harnessing the tremendous amount of data that they generate.

At MCP, our goal is to help public-safety agencies develop customized strategies that consider their unique circumstances. The work doesn’t end once the strategies are developed and approved—MCP continues to work with agency officials to further refine them based on lessons learned and changing circumstances.

Experience You Can Trust

MCP is dedicated to supporting our clients’ emergency-response activities.

years average public-safety sector experience per subject-matter expert

subject-matter experts dedicated to supporting the public-safety mission


of MCP’s subject-matter experts are former emergency responders

mission-critical projects

Areas of Expertise


Strategic Planning and Governance Development

Technology and Operations Assessments

Network and System Procurement, Implementation, Monitoring and Maintenance


Project Management

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