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Fire/Rescue & EMS

Ensuring Effective Fire Response Communications

Reliable communications are a must for any agency that provides fire-suppression and fire-prevention services, rescue operations, and emergency medical services (EMS). From broadband communications systems, biometric sensor systems, fire station alerting systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, technology is modernizing fire response. Because seconds count, it is vital to ensure that an agency’s mission-critical communications systems and equipment is not only up to date, but also ready for what is next.

Mission Critical Partners works closely with fire/rescue departments and EMS agencies—drawing on decades of operational, technological and personnel experience—to help them procure, implement, monitor and maintain such systems to enable firefighters, rescue personnel and EMS personnel to perform their lifesaving jobs more effectively and to keep them safer.

What Clients Can Expect

At MCP, our goal is to help fire departments and EMS agencies procure and implement the various communications systems they need to support firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) working in the field. All of this is done with an eye toward the unique circumstances of each department/agency, e.g., resources, socioeconomics, geography, topology, and other differentiating factors. Working with MCP, agencies can expect:

  • Assurance that your agency’s unique needs are addressed and your interests remain at the forefront
  • Mitigated risk by establishing desired outcomes and managing to those outcomes
  • Reduced implementation costs and maximized project budgets
  • Improved contracted outcomes
  • Objective guidance, leveraging MCP’s proprietary assessment tool, the Model for Advancing Public Safety™

MCP’s work on behalf of fire/rescue/EMS agencies is not limited to technology procurement, implementation and operation; we also perform workforce-optimization assessments to ensure that ECCs are performing at peak efficiency and effectiveness, and develop continuity-of-operations and disaster-recovery plans that prepare them to handle events that could compromise their operations, regardless of what form those events take.

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

MCP is dedicated to supporting our clients’ emergency-response activities.

years average public-safety sector experience per subject-matter expert

subject-matter experts dedicated to supporting the public-safety mission


of MCP’s subject-matter experts are former emergency responders

mission-critical projects

Areas of Expertise


Land Mobile Radio

Broadband Communications

Next Generation 911



Data Integration & Analytics


Technologies & Applications



Continuity-of-Operations and Disaster-Recovery Planning

IT Network & Support

Network Management & Monitoring

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