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Modernizing the grid never has been more challenging. Utilities require robust, secure and reliable broadband communications that can be implemented cost effectively, all while meeting reliability and resiliency requirements. Today’s utility providers’ communications networks resemble a spider web—many utilize up to 20 highly complex, different voice and data networks for field communications, all of which require configuration, maintenance, integration, training, monitoring, administrative tasks, security and more.

To keep up with the evolving need for reliable and robust data networks, utility providers turn to Mission Critical Partners (MCP) to help implement integrated and modern communications networks, ensuring that they meet their growing capacity, reliability and coverage requirements. From complete system overhauls to consulting on a single network, MCP solves complex mission-critical communications problems across the entire utility ecosystem, ensuring that utilities can increase the reliability and effectiveness of its service delivery in a fast-changing environment.

A Tailored and Creative Approach for Every Individual Project

At MCP, our goal is to help ensure that the communications technologies that utilities rely upon to provide reliable power are modern, integrated, and secure. All of this is done by taking a tailored and creative approach to every individual project. We help organizations:

  • Acquire technology that will cost-effectively deliver maximum benefit
  • Integrate IP-based data networks with other land mobile radio (LMR) and Internet Protocol (IP)-networks
  • Understand coverage, capacity, and interoperability gaps
  • Build a forward-looking, integrated, secure and resilient communications infrastructure

MCP’s work on behalf of utility providers is not limited to technology procurement, implementation, and operation; we also provide information technology (IT) support, as well as network and security monitoring, to help address cyber threats and ensure 24 x 7 availability of mission-critical communications networks.

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

MCP is dedicated to supporting our clients’ mission-critical response initiatives.

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Utility Industry Insights

Developing an RFP for Your Radio System Upgrade or Replacement

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of going through the RFP process at the start of a project and outline the standard elements of any RFP. In addition, we walk you through the five-step process of RFP development to ensure a project that meets your agency’s goals, budget and timeline.


The Case for Private Long-Term Evolution Networks for Power Utilities

Critical needs for robust and efficient data communication networks have emerged as utilities pursue increased reliability of electric power delivery in their fast-changing environment.There is strong evidence emerging that private Long-Term Evolution (LTE)/5G networks might be the solution.


Utilities Should Look Hard at Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk

This whitepaper examines push-to-talk over celluar and mission-critical push-to-talk technologies, explaining why they may be a better choice than LMR in some cases, and how they provide significantly more flexibility regarding application, device and network choices.


A Prescription for Thwarting Cyberattacks

This whitepaper offers suggestions regarding what utility providers should be doing proactively to guard against the threats and to resolve them quickly should they occur.


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