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The Model for Advancing
Public Safety

A Blueprint to Understand Your Environment

Managing a public safety organization in the current environment is incredibly challenging. Every operation has systems that are interrelated and interconnected. On top of that, officials have an abundance of operational factors, like organizational structure, staffing, dispatch systems, cybersecurity risks, training and more, to balance.

For public safety leaders, staying on top of these factors is a challenging job. To help overcome this challenge, MCP developed the Model for Advancing Public Safety® (MAPS®), a proprietary assessment framework that helps officials understand where their organization stands in key areas and provides a quick view into where they need to prioritize.

A Powerful, Actionable Impact

A MAPS assessment provides an impartial, third-party view of an organization’s environment to identify goals and prioritize efforts. It combines public safety and IT standards, formalized accreditation programs, and industry best practices with MCP’s expertise and experience. MAPS assessments also provide:

  • A metric to measure progress against
  • Benchmark themselves against similar public safety agencies
  • Identify short-term opportunities to focus on while building a long-term roadmap
  • A tool to communicate with stakeholders and elected officials to justify funding priorities

The MAPS Program provides clients with scoring and a blueprint that demonstrates where they need to prioritize, as well as a comprehensive recommendations report that provides strategies for addressing risk factors.

MAPS® Assessment Capabilities

Organizational structure


GIS program

Physical security and cybersecurity

Land mobile radio systems

Next generation 911 readiness


Public safety technology


Strategic planning

PSAP data integration and analytics readiness

Network inventory and assessment

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The key element of the MAPS offering is a color-coded blueprint that depicts the status of each factor that was assessed. The colors are easy to grasp—green indicates factors that are low risk and not in need of immediate attention; yellow indicates those that are at risk; red indicates factors that are at high risk.

The blueprint diagram enables officials to determine where efforts and resources need to be placed to shore up areas of weakness.

Our Clients

Region 13, Southwestern Pennsylvania

Using its proprietary MAPS methodology, MCP dramatically improved the overall GIS environment of fourteen counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania and enhanced its capabilities using its proprietary MAPS methodology.

Services Provided

  • Consulting
  • MAPS® Assessment
  • Support developing regional information-sharing capabilities

Tennessee Emergency Communications Board

MCP helped the TECB improve cybersecurity vulnerabilities at Emergency Communications District across Tennessee by conducting more than 100 assessments using its proprietary MAPS® methodology for cybersecurity.

Services Provided

  • MAPS® Assessment
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network and IT Discoveries

Whitepaper: A Blueprint to Help Public Safety Organizations Understand Their Environments

Learn more about MCP’s approach that enables officials to immediately discern and understand where their organizations stand regarding key operational and technical factors.

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