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Improving Critical Communications and Safety on Campus

Today’s educational environment requires improved critical-communications technology to enhance safety campus wide. Whether it is a large K-12 district or a traditional college or university campus, the ability to effectively communicate and respond to situations to protect students and staff is imperative.

Educational organizations’ needs are unique and, often, complex, and require cost-effective, efficient technologies and solutions to improve communications and monitor conditions in buildings and across campus to ensure safety.

Creative Solutions for Your Unique Problems

MCP offers creative solutions to complex problems and a holistic, vendor-agnostic approach to each project. When working with MCP, educational organizations can expect:

  • Solutions designed and developed to meet their unique, complex needs
  • End-to-end support to meet project goals, budgets, and timelines
  • Effective, interoperable systems that support and improve communications to protect students and staff
  • Expertise in technologies, systems, and applications to support enhanced campus safety

Experience to Support Your Mission

MCP’s experienced professionals are prepared to support your institution’s safety mission.

average years of experience per consultant


of experts are former emergency responders


average cost savings on procurement initiatives

mission-critical projects

Areas of Expertise



Land Mobile Radio

Wireless Communications

Shared Services & Consolidation

Resources for Educational Organizations

On-Demand Webinar: Strategic Planning for Public Safety Agencies

Get tips and insights for developing a strategic plan to meet your organization’s needs.


Infographic: Benefits of Working with a Consulting Firm

How can working with a consultant help your organization improve project outcomes? Check out our infographic to learn more.


Developing an RFP for Your Radio System Upgrade or Replacement

In this whitepaper, MCP outlines the process for developing an RFP for your organization’s radio system procurement project.


Enhancing Law Enforcement with Actionable Data

How can law enforcement leverage data to improve policing? Download our whitepaper for details.


Infographic: The New Emergency Communications Ecosystem

As technology continues to evolve, so too does the way we respond to emergencies. How do these advances change the way we see the emergency response ecosystem?


Implementing a Successful Radio System Upgrade

Learn more about the process of successfully implementing a new radio system that boosts coverage and capacity while keeping your project on budget and on schedule.


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