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Workforce Optimization

Helping Public Safety Agencies Optimize Their Workforce

Staffing struggles have plagued public safety agencies for years, a situation that is worsening due to an aging workforce, telecommunicator shortages, high turnover rates and stressful working conditions.

Job profiles are fundamentally shifting, demanding upskilling and change management. With this in mind, new ideas for how to evolve the public safety workforce to deliver improved emergency response in the digital age are imperative.

Emergency communications centers that are successful at optimizing their workforce have thought strategically about how to attract, grow, train and retain talent. At Mission Critical Partners, we support the leadership of public safety organizations in overcoming their staffing struggles and implementing effective workforce-optimization programs that put the right people in the right positions and employ innovative strategies to sustain and retain them.

We help public safety agencies determine ideal staffing levels and improve shift and assignment effectiveness by addressing workload demands, align with industry best practices and implement innovative recruitment, training and retainment programs.

See How Working with MCP can Help Transform the Workforce

MCP brings specialized experience that makes us uniquely situated to help agencies build effective organizational structures and cultures. In fact, more than half of our subject-matter experts are former first responders. We’ve worked with agencies large and small to:

  • Provide an impartial, third-party view into an agency’s operational environment
  • Implement new and innovative recruiting strategies
  • Reduce staff turnover and improve workforce performance
  • Enhance operational performance and personnel morale
  • Assess new organizational structures and talent-development strategies
  • Build a sustainable workforce based on national standards and the experience gained by working on more than 30 staffing studies

By the Numbers

MCP’s wide range of experience in workforce optimization is helping public safety agencies attract, grow, train and retain talent.

staffing studies completed since 2016

public safety standards and best practices MCP has made a contribution to


of experts have worked in an emergency communications center

technology, shared-services, workforce-optimization and facilities projects

How We Do It

Staffing and organizational assessments

Leadership development

Strategic and executive-level consulting


Recruiting assistance


Compensation and benefits review

Training support

Hiring assistance

Creation of recruiting-and-hiring marketing materials

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