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Change Management

Change Is Inevitable — Managing it Well is Essential to Future Success

Change management has become one of the most critical success factors for any organization in today’s ever-evolving world. It requires a systematic approach to successfully transform organizational goals, core values, processes, and technologies.

MCP’s mission is to help clients successfully implement strategies and methods for effecting change. We also try to help people accept and adapt to changes that will enhance their organization’s mission.



Change Management Pillars

Organizational Change Management Pillars of Success

Beyond navigating the drivers of change, public-sector agencies are seeking new and innovative approaches to implementing large-scale and/or multiagency strategic projects. These types of projects bring new risks and complexities and depend on people adapting and performing in new ways in new environments.

Organizational change management requires a focus on three core pillars that support sustainable and equitable change while also mitigating the risks and complexities. The pillars are:

  • Social Pillar
  • Personal Pillar
  • Structural Pillar

Project management ensures that the implemented solution is designed, developed, and delivered effectively. In contrast, organizational change management ensures that impacted people embrace and leverage the solution associated with the change to achieve intended outcomes and realize desired benefits.

Our Public-Sector Change Management Approach

Our structured approach to public-sector change management includes helpful knowledge, processes, and tools that support social, personal, and structural behaviors and mitigate risk and uncertainty during change initiatives.   

Our approach includes the following iterative processes:

  • Evaluate change impact and organizational readiness for change
  • Formulate change management strategies and plans
  • Manage change execution
  • Ensure sustainability and lifecycle support

These ideas are just a few of the methodologies that MCP deploys to support change management in the public sector, to help organizations adapt to a rapidly changing and demanding operational environment. Our approach to change management is scalable and tailorable to meet to meet the needs of every project and to ensure that your organization and its personnel realize the envisioned outcomes and benefits.

Change Management Approach

Expertise Across the Change Management Lifecycle

Leadership development

Staffing and organizational assessments

Feasibility studies and concept of operations


Technology acquisition, Planning and Implement Support


Compensation and benefits review

Strategic and executive-level consulting

Data Integration Support

Software and Application Development

IT Outsourcing

Insights and Client Success

Operational Change Management Depends Largely on Organizational Culture

Blog: Operational Change Management Depends Largely on Organizational Culture

People generally are reticent to change and will do almost anything to avoid it. That’s because change represents the unknown, which is scary. Learn how to:

  • Avoiding Pockets of Resistance
  • Culture—the Invisible Infrastructure of an Organization
  • Avoid the ‘Failing to Communicate’ Fallout
The Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership In Public Safety Communications

Blog: The Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership In Public Safety Communications

In this post, we examine the difference between change management and change leadership, terms that often are used interchangeably, but actually represent two related, but quite different, concepts. Understanding the difference will make effecting change easier and far less painful.

Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends Part-2

Blog: Computer-Aided Dispatch Trends That Should Be on Your Radar — Part 2

We explore how the longer-term trend of browser-based systems gives public safety agencies and their personnel greater:

  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Ubiquity
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