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Next Generation 911

Accelerate the Transition to Next Generation 911

The communications devices being used by the public are becoming more advanced and emergency communication centers need to evolve in lock step. For decades, 911 access was limited to voice calls — but those days are over. Next Generation 911 (NG911) is an Internet Protocol (IP), standards-based system that enables the transmission of images, videos and other forms of rich data, in addition to voice.

NG911 will create cost and operational efficiencies, enable data sharing between 911 centers to enhance situational awareness, improve interoperable communications and establish redundancy and resiliency that didn’t exist previously. All of this will enable faster and more reliable response and help to keep emergency responders safer. When integrated with the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN), NG911 will become the core of a unified, seamless emergency response ecosystem.

Public safety agencies need to prepare for the new technologies, operational processes, policies and training needed to thrive in an NG911 environment. At Mission Critical Partners, our extensive experience in the strategic planning, design, acquisition, deployment and maintenance of everything NG911-related gives our project teams the expertise they need to help 911 organizations reinvent themselves. We guide our clients as they build resilient, secure and sustainable NG911 systems that will dramatically improve emergency response outcomes for the communities they serve.

Get Future-Ready with Mission Critical Partners

MCP brings a holistic view and delivers an evolving suite of NG911-related services, helping clients to optimize their technologies, operations and policies for NG911 call delivery, while retiring antiquated solutions still found in use beyond their end of life. When working with MCP, clients can expect:

  • A comprehensive NG911 strategic plan that addresses their unique goals and yields one outcome: progress
  • Enhanced governance, policies, systems and processes supporting the NG911 transition
  • A structured approach that ensures NG911 is smoothly implemented and sustainable results are achieved
  • Network reliability and security after implementation with reduced risk of downtime
  • Data integration and analytics support to improve response capabilities

We’ll Put You on the Path to NG911

We’re committed to transitioning public safety to NG911.

states where we have contributed to legislative language

state / regional NG911 strategic plans authored

state and regional (ESInets) designed

PSAPs interconnected via ESInet deployments

Key Areas of NG911 Expertise


Master planning

Concept of operations and feasibility studies

Data integration and standard operating procedure development

NG911 and FirstNet convergence and integration


National and state policy development

Cloud-hosted services design

Geographic information system (GIS) design and implementation

ESInet monitoring


Funding audit and analysis

Text-to-911 implementation and public education outreach

Procurement, implementation and vendor management—call-handling equipment, ESInet, next generation core services (NGCS)



NextGen 911 Resources

Whitepaper: Don’t Take Shortcuts When Developing GIS Data for NG911

Developing high-quality GIS data is a time-consuming and costly process. Some agencies opt for quick-fix solutions. This whitepaper explains why doing so is a bad idea.


Next Generation 911: A New World for PSAP Network Maintenance

NG911 will improve emergency response dramatically, but also will bring unprecedented challenges that will require new approaches when it comes to network maintenance and security.


MCP Helps Carroll County Move Closer to NG911 by Supporting its GIS Efforts

Carroll County, MD partnered with MCP to perform the daily duties of a retired GIS professional, and to provide long-term support of its GIS and NG911 goals.


The Technical Evolution of the 911 Center in an NG911 and FirstNet Environment

Learn about the range of technical impacts PSAPs will need to address to leverage the enormous capabilities of the NG911 and NPSBN platforms.


MCP Helps South Carolina Solve Wireless Location Challenges

When counties in South Carolina were experiencing a large volume of misrouted 911 calls, they turned to MCP to help them resolve their wireless location issues.


MCP Helps NCT911 Revolutionize 911 Service and Delivery

NCT911 is positioned to not only lead, but also drive the public safety sector toward NG911. Learn about how a partnership with MCP helped it claim its spot as a truly innovative, early-adopter organization.


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