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Implementing Amazon Connect into Emergency Communication Centers

MCP Partners with
Amazon Web Services

Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) across the country are faced with a staffing shortage.

In fact, industry statistics indicate that the average vacancy rate is nearly 25%. Adding to this challenge is the fact that 60-75% of an ECC’s total call volume is generated by nonemergency lines.

Whether it’s calls pertaining to animal control incidents or parking violations, the time it takes telecommunicators to field these non-emergent calls takes away from precious time that could be dedicated to life-threatening emergencies.

That’s why MCP has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive implementation of its Amazon Connect solution into ECCs nationwide in an effort to filter only the most life-urgent calls to telecommunicators.


Amazon Connect’s
Impact on Telecommunicators

Currently deployed across 17 early-adopter ECCs, the initial results have been impressive—a 20-50% reduction in nonemergency administrative calls being answered by telecommunicators.

Here’s how Amazon Connect is helping to route the appropriate calls to ECCs:

  • When someone dials a nonemergency number, they immediately enter an interactive exchange with an AI assistant
  • The AI assistant leverages interactive voice response to “listen” to the caller and then formulate responses based on what it “hears”
  • The ECC—now with MCP’s support—reprograms those localized responses based on specific keywords and custom workflows

The caller will receive the information they’re seeking or instructions regarding what to do next, which might include a link that will transport the caller to the entity best suited to assist them.

Amazon Connect natively provides support for non-English speaking callers, which improves the speed and quality of their interaction.

Note: If someone dials a nonemergency number to report an actual emergency, Amazon Connect will transfer the call to a telecommunicator immediately when it recognizes specific keywords.

Implementation Process

MCP makes it easy for ECCs to begin the AWS implementation process.

Today, the average implementation is approximately two to three months. But MCP helps to streamline and shorten that timeframe through services such as:

  • Establishing strategy for successful implementation
  • Amazon Connect setup, provisioning, configuration
  • Data analysis
  • Workflow identification and implementation
  • Evaluation and fine-tuning of workflows for optimal success
  • Integration with applications including computer-aided dispatch systems, 311, and citizen portals

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