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2020 CALNENA Conference

Visit with MCP at table #110 in the Ruby Partner area to learn more about how we can support your emergency communications initiatives.

MCP subject-matter experts will be presenting breakout sessions during the conference, including:

Understanding NG911 and the Need for GIS
Speaker: Eric Caddy
When & Where: Tuesday, March 3 | 1445 | Athenia

About this Presentation: Geographic information systems (GIS) are a foundational element of NG911. In this session, we’ll provide information and insights on NG911 basics, as well as the importance of a cooperative relationship between the PSAP and GIS and how to establish metrics for the evaluation of success.

Understanding PSAP Assessments and Applying the Results to Improve Performance
Speaker: Jaime Young
When & Where: Wednesday, March 4 | 0900 | Delphi

About this Presentation: With limited resources available, it can be difficult for agency leaders to determine if PSAPs are operating at their best. When it comes to assessing the various operational and technical aspects of your PSAP, where should you focus your resources, what should you be evaluating, and how do you apply those results to make improvements?

How to Build a Standards-Based Cyber Risk Prevention Strategy
Speaker: Frank Arico
When & Where: Wednesday, March 4 | 1130 | Andros

About this Presentation: To manage cyber risk effectively, you need a proactive prevention strategy that forges the right approach, driven by public safety agency leadership, throughout the organization, not managed as another IT project.

CAD Technology Trends & Tips for CAD System Implementation and Post-Implementation Success
Speaker: Mike Lyons
When & Where: Wednesday, March 4 | 1130 | Syros

About this Presentation: Navigating the technology procurement and implementation process can be overwhelming. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the steps you can take to select, implement and successfully maintain a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.


Mar 01 - 04 2020


Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
La Jolla, CA

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