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2023 MCP Workforce Workshop

Discover Solutions for Workforce Issues in Our Free Virtual Workshop

Mission Critical Partners is hosting our first virtual “Workforce Workshop” beginning on May 23. This multiweek interactive workshop is tailored to support public safety agencies with today’s staffing struggles. Throughout this four-week program, you will discover how to modernize and accelerate your recruitment and hiring processes; improve employee retention through dynamic training and personnel engagement; and create an environment for professional growth.

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Sessions will:

  • Explore how to better understand your recruiting and hiring environment.
  • Discuss how to partner with human-resources professionals — both internal and external — to streamline recruiting and hiring processes and timelines.
  • Present how to leverage nontraditional recruitment methods e.g., social media, job fairs, recruitment websites, and partnerships with colleges and high schools.
  • Provide clear guidance, tools, and resources to address your specific staffing challenges.

How does it differ from other forums?

This unique workshop is different from other forums. It’s designed specifically to help you build your organization’s personalized action plan through a variety of interactive activities. You will be able to identify specific challenges that your organization is experiencing and learn effective strategies and tactics for combating them.

Feel free to share this complimentary workshop with another organization that may benefit from it.


May 23 2023 - Jun 13 2023


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