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Live Webinar: Best Practices When Procuring and Implementing a CAD System

This month’s MCP’s “Ask us Anything, Live” webinar will feature MCP subject-matter experts answering your questions about computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, records management systems (RMS), cybersecurity, and Next Generation 911.

In today’s fast-changing and incredibly challenging environment, we know that you have many questions, but often don’t know where to find answers.  Hear from our experts about what’s on your mind.

Our Experts:

Jack Dougherty, Automated Systems Manager

Jack brings years of diverse public safety experience, including extensive knowledge in communications technology focusing on land mobile radio (LMR) systems. In addition, he has project and program management experience, leadership experience, technical skills, and progressively increasing supervisory and command responsibility. Given Jack’s experience in state government with the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as public safety firms and technology vendors, he is intimately familiar with public safety technology and federal, state, county, and municipal government operations.


Bob Scott, PMP, Senior Technology Specialist, Automated Systems Domain Leader and Law Enforcement SME

Bob is a project manager and public safety consultant at Mission Critical Partners. He brings more than 36 years of emergency communications experience, serving the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) for 26 years. In that capacity, he had the opportunity to serve as a project manager for many large public safety technology projects and was privileged to leverage that experience into a successful career as a public safety consultant/project manager. Now nine years in the private sector, Bob has led — and has been a senior technical resource for — many public safety CAD/mobile data and records management system projects, including lead technical resource for the cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta for their CAD/RMS replacement projects. Bob also has served as project manager for public safety radio projects and PSAP operational and technical assessments.


Rick Harrison, ENP, Technology Specialist, Fire/EMS SME

Rick is a subject-matter expert (SME) in fire/rescue and emergency medical services (EMS). He brings more than 37 years of telecommunications experience in the public safety sector. His accomplishments include managing projects such as a CAD system development that resulted in the development of a national CAD product, initiating a text-to-911 program, and implementation of a Project 25 (P25) radio project. Rick has served as public safety answering point (PSAP) operations manager, primary supervisor, assistant supervisor, and dispatcher for police, fire and EMS. Additionally, Rick has served in the fire service for 31 years, including five years as the chief of a busy suburban department. Rick has SME-level knowledge of mission-critical communications staffing, procedures, systems, and public safety response. His project role is to provide assistance during the assessment phase to help identify PSAP operational requirements, and to attend stakeholder meetings and observation sessions.


Jason Franks, Cybersecurity Analyst

Jason is an energetic, results-driven, customer-focused professional with an innovative hands-on management style. He has exceptional accomplishments in planning, technical administration, and execution across multiple domains. Jason has proven technical, analytical, and leadership abilities. He has strong customer skills with a keen sense for analyzing business and operational needs, and then designing creative solutions to merge them together.


James (Jamie) Sullivan, PMP, Senior Technology Specialist

Jamie has years of project management experience leading technical teams that develop, integrate, and deploy complex computing solutions. He thoroughly understands the technologies serving today’s businesses, public safety agencies, and consumers (network, mobile, messaging, etc.). In addition, Jamie has managed infrastructure buildout projects supporting PSAP cutover plans to ensure functionality, redundancy, and security. He is a strategic thinker and practical decision-maker.


Robert Horne, ENP, Senior Technology Specialist, GIS SME

As a communications consultant and geographic information system (GIS) subject-matter expert (SME), Robert brings more than 28 years of program management experience in GIS, focusing on public safety, law enforcement, and intelligence. He led and managed multimillion-dollar implementations of GIS technology at the federal, state and local levels, and is familiar with the process of integrating these systems and data into emergency operations centers, fire and police command centers, and fusion centers. Robert has supported multiple states concerning GIS components of the nationwide public-safety broadband and NG911 planning efforts.


Eric Caddy, ENP, PMP, Vice President and Director of Network/911 Services, Senior Project Manager

Eric is a project management professional (PMP) with extensive experience managing statewide and regional NG911 projects, including strategic planning, budget planning, stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and implementation oversight. Eric brings more than 20 years of emergency communications experience to MCP, leading technical and operational public safety projects for the military, as well as state and local governments. Eric has the ability to enable communications between diverse stakeholders with competing priorities to achieve project success for clients. He has served numerous state and county agencies, including the states of Nebraska, California, and Arizona, the city and county of San Francisco, the El Paso–Teller County 911 Authority, and the San Diego Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).


Apr 06 2022


Eastern Time
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Mission Critical Partners

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