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Court Leaders Top Five Cybersecurity Priorities for 2023

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MCP will discuss how court leaders can shore up their cybersecurity without cutting off access to justice and breaking their IT budgets. This webinar, targeted at court system information technology (IT) professionals, will identify the five most critical tactics for elevating a court system’s cybersecurity posture and preventing or mitigating a cyberattack.

Attendees will learn about five key priorities:

  • Situational awareness: conducting regular network, system, and device assessments to understand your exposure
  • Security by design: ensuring your new IT solutions enable access to justice without compromising the security of your court
  • Monitoring and threat response: leveraging industry standards and best practices to cost-effectively manage cybersecurity and rapidly mitigate threats
  • Continuity-of-operations: staging essential capabilities needed for effective continuity-of-operations/disaster-recovery planning
  • Partnering to win the war: engaging with cost-effective and standards-based cybersecurity and IT service providers


Shay Cleary, Senior Project Manager, Justice Management Technology

Shay has extensive experience leading, implementing, and managing large statewide court information technology efforts. Through teamwork and collaboration, he has successfully led and implemented fiscally sound technologies, solutions, and organizational change efforts that have helped transform the court system into one of the best in the country. Shay is dedicated, creative, and someone who appreciates a challenge while serving a greater purpose. He has always approached his work with a continuous improvement mindset and a foundational understanding that data should inform decisions. Additionally, he has experience administering and analyzing surveys, performing onsite assessments, facilitating joint design sessions to improve/optimize operational processes, and performing system gap analysis when implementing new technologies.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith, Client Services Director, Justice and Courts

Brad is a results-oriented leader with experience in strategic planning, business development, program management, electronic filing (e-filing), business analysis, business intelligence, and management consulting. He possesses a diverse background in managing complex projects with strategically critical responsibilities. He has successfully launched eBench solutions in New Orleans, Louisiana, and some of Illinois and Texas’s largest counties. In addition, Brad has built solid relationships with strategic partners and consensus across multiple organizational levels as an expert presenter, negotiator, and businessperson.

Jason Franks

Jason Franks, Cybersecurity Analyst

Jason is an energetic, results-driven, customer-focused professional with an innovative hands-on management style. He has exceptional accomplishments in planning, technical administration and execution across multiple domains. Jason has proven technical, analytical, and leadership abilities. He has strong customer skills with a keen sense for analyzing business and operational needs then designing creative solutions to merge them together.

Frank Arico, Technical Services Director

Frank brings extensive telecommunication industry expertise to state and local government agencies to support the public safety community. His work involves the development, procurement, and implementation of many multi-million-dollar public safety projects. Through his experience in management and operations, Frank brings a solid understanding of procurement and contract development within the state and local government landscape. In addition, he brings extensive experience in understanding and representing customers to ensure that services are pertinent to solving their exact needs.


Jan 11 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Live Webinar

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