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Live Webinar: How to Develop a GIS Plan

In a legacy 911 environment, geographic information systems (GIS) play an important role in developing geospatial data that is integral to mapping applications used to make better-informed dispatching decisions. But in a Next Generation 911 (NG911) environment, the GIS-generated geospatial data will play a much bigger role, largely by replacing the tabular databases used to locate emergency callers and connect them with the correct emergency communications center (ECC). This webinar will examine the following essential topics:

  • How to determine the elements of an effective GIS plan based on the agency’s unique circumstances
  • The importance of a holistic assessment of the NG911 environment as a first step
  • The need to coordinate with other jurisdictions—and how to do so
  • How to move GIS from basic mapping to driving the entire call-routing and call-delivery process
  • Analysis of the various ways of provisioning GIS in an emergency communications center
  • Common misconceptions and mistakes in plan development—and how to avoid them
  • The relationship of the GIS plan to continuity-of-operations and disaster-recovery plans


Robert Horne, Communications Consultant, Mission Critical Partners

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Apr 30 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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