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Live Webinar: How to Execute a GIS Plan

A well-conceived GIS plan is an essential tool for any ECC that is planning a transition from legacy 911 technology to NG911. In an NG911 environment, GIS will drive emergency call routing and delivery, in part because the geospatial data generated by such systems will be used to locate 911 callers and to make decisions regarding emergency response. This webinar will examine the following essential topics:

  • Where to find the GIS data necessary for NG911
  • Building partnerships with GIS-capable agencies in your jurisdiction
  • Best practices for scrubbing GIS data so that it is suitable for use in an NG911 environment
  • Best practices for data maintenance going forward
  • Strategies for ensuring that vendors provision solutions that align with, and support, the ECC’s GIS plan
  • Common mistakes in executing a GIS plan and how to avoid them
  • Common mistakes in data scrubbing and maintenance, and how to avoid them


Robert Horne, Communications Consultant, Mission Critical Partners

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May 28 2020


Eastern Time
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Live Webinar

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