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Live Webinar: Strategies to Enhance Data Integration in the Courts

Enhanced data integration between court systems and their justice partners can be a game changer in ensuring the exchange of timely and accurate information.  At the same time,  data integration often is achieved via automated systems that eliminate manual entry, thus reducing human errors to improve quality assurance processes, and freeing valuable staff members to work on other things.  Join MCP subject-matter experts as they share strategies for building successful and sustainable data-integration programs that contribute significantly to the best-informed justice outcomes possible.

Attendees will learn:

  • How court integrations can be utilized across the justice ecosystem
  • Strategies for building successful and sustainable integrations
  • How data governance sets the foundation for integrations
  • How to get data governance started in your court system


Shay Cleary, Senior Project Manager, Justice Management Technology

Shay has extensive experience leading, implementing, and managing large statewide court information technology efforts. Through teamwork and collaboration, he has successfully led and implemented fiscally sound technologies, solutions, and organizational change efforts that have helped transform the court system into one of the best in the country. Shay is dedicated, creative, and someone who appreciates a challenge while serving a greater purpose. He has always approached his work with a continuous improvement mindset and a foundational understanding that data should inform decisions. Additionally, he has experience administering and analyzing surveys, performing onsite assessments, facilitating joint design sessions to improve/optimize operational processes, and performing system gap analysis when implementing new technologies.

Jim Pingel, Business Development Manager, Data Integration Solutions

Jim’s background as a practitioner at the Milwaukee Police Department and the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance has shaped his tenure as a project manager, lead analyst, and director. Jim has managed multi-year statewide projects in Iowa and Georgia, spanning dozens of criminal justice agencies and vendors. He has also led NIBRS implementation work for the Illinois State Police, DuPage County Illinois, and for the IJIS Institute’s CJIS Advisory Committee.

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May 11 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Live Webinar

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