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MCP University: Strategies for Improving In-Building Communications

First responders must have the ability to communicate with incident commanders and each other inside and outside of buildings and other large structures—such as shopping malls, schools, and parking facilities—during an emergency. Emergency Responder Enhancement Communications Systems (ERCES) were developed for this purpose. ERCES typically consist of some combination of the following:

• Transmitter
• Receiver
• Repeater
• Signal booster
• Power supply/battery charger

This webinar will explore strategies for planning and implementing an ERCES, including the factors that should be considered for determining whether such a system is needed. It also will offer best practices for designing, implementing, and testing such systems. The final phase of the webinar will examine what still needs to be done after an ERCES goes live.


May 25 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



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