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Data Integration & Analytics

Integrate and Analyze Data to Improve Outcomes

Data integration is achieved by establishing real-time exchanges between disparate systems to automate the bidirectional flow of critical information. Once integrated into a centralized and accessible enterprise, data analysis enhances cross-agency collaboration, increases situational awareness, improves decision-making, and ultimately enables agencies to better serve their communities.

The public-safety and criminal-justice ecosystems include myriad vendors, suppliers, partners, private organizations, government stakeholders—courts, law enforcement, prosecution and defense, corrections, health and human services, 911—and many others. While each entity has its priorities, each ecosystem’s ability to operate seamlessly depends upon the sharing of timely and accurate information made possible by data integration. Complicating the situation is the enormous influx of rich data originating from external sources such as the Internet of Things, security systems, smart city technologies, and applications that must be consumed, interpreted, stored and made actionable.

At Mission Critical Partners, we help public-safety and criminal-justice entities achieve workflow data integration to improve processes and outcomes.

Making Information Exchange a Reality

MCP helps clients integrate and prioritize data so that analytics and reporting can be performed, as well as develop custom workflows and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable data sharing between legacy and next-generation systems. Working with MCP, clients realize strengthened decision-making based on the access to timely and accurate information, as well as:

  • A unique understanding of the information-sharing enterprise, ranging from cultural issues, political realities, challenges, workable technologies and funding difficulties
  • An integrated criminal-justice system that provides real-time accessibility and delivery of data
  • Significant increase in staff efficiency
  • A reduction in paper inefficiencies and cost savings
  • Uncovered revenue opportunities
  • Improvements in decision-making

Empowering Public Safety Organizations

Our expertise in data integration is enabling agencies across the country to evolve the ways in which they integrate data.

data exchanges implemented in state and local criminal-justice operations

states where we’ve supported data integration

professionals at MCP specializing in public safety and criminal justice


of the nation's top MSAs are supported by MCP

Data Exchange and Integration Opportunities

DataLink Interface Solution

DataLake Analytics Solution

DataScape Integration Solution

Strategic Planning and Data Governance


Traffic Citations


Incident Reports


Criminal Complaints

Jail Bookings


Court Filings

Warrant/Protection/Sentence Orders

Probation Status

Criminal History

National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

Person/Identity Matching






Mobile to RMS

Data Integration & Analytics Insights

How Effective Data Integration Simplifies a Complex Ecosystem

A lot can go wrong throughout the justice and public safety ecosystems when information gaps occur. This article explores how to address the inefficiencies of information flow.


The NIBRS Deadline is Approaching – Here’s What You Should Be Doing

Law-enforcement agencies nationwide are grappling with their NIBRS migration before the January 2021 deadline. This whitepaper explores tactics to help them expedite their transition.


Information-Sharing Enterprise in Georgia Supported by MCP Improves Efficiency, Data Quality

In Georgia, the criminal-justice and law-enforcement communities have witnessed a dramatic improvement in workflows and business processes, significant time savings, and reduced errors in areas where MCP’s information-exchange system has been implemented.


The Evolution of the Emergency Communications Ecosystem

Public safety communications is undergoing a major transformation. This whitepaper explores the factors driving the need for 911 center evolution, and insight into how to accomplish that evolution.


Webinar: Data Integration: Moving Beyond 512 Characters of Legacy Data

New data sources present emergency communications centers with operational and technical challenges that must be addressed. Listen to this virtual webinar for an engaging discussion on how public safety can harness this data to improve emergency response.


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