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As public safety organizations become more connected and use more devices, security risks and complexity grows.

Every year, thousands of cybersecurity incidents affect public safety agencies. Consequently, organizations must become stronger, faster and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing threats. Many agencies do not fully comprehend the risks and have limited the ability to pinpoint where security dangers exist. With threats increasing by the day, it is imperative that agencies implement a proactive, wide-ranging cybersecurity risk prevention program.

Clients turn to Mission Critical Partners because we bring the largest and most experienced team of specialized public safety professionals in the industry, combined with certified information technology (IT) specialists to every cybersecurity engagement.

Working alongside our partners, we help critical infrastructure agencies strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and provide the essential intelligence that’s needed to reduce threats and disruptions to operations. Our cybersecurity expertise includes establishing a client-specific strategy, network assessments, penetration testing, physical security, 24 x 7 cybersecurity monitoring, establishment of policies and procedures and training.

Stay in the know about potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities with MCP’s Threat Advisory Newsletter, emailed to you as soon as a new risk is discovered.

Complimentary Risk Assessments

Find out if your company is at risk. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity program. See if your digital credentials are for sale on the Dark Web. Gain quick and actionable guidance on how to improve your security posture.

What Clients Can Expect

MCP’s subject-matter experts employ proven techniques based on current industry standards and best practices, as well as proprietary technologies to help clients:

  • Maintain an accurate picture of their network infrastructure, an essential step to understanding the agency’s potential for cybersecurity risk exposure
  • Safeguard, reduce and aid in the containment of threats that could disable or interrupt their ability to serve the community
  • Reduce the potential for network failure from cybersecurity attacks
  • Educate client personnel on the basics of cybersecurity threat awareness
  • Aid in the establishment of cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Ensure that their IT network infrastructure is public-safety grade and current with manufacturer software releases
  • Understand and actively guard against cybersecurity threats

What Sets Mission Critical Partners Apart

We’re helping public safety organizations strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.

mission-critical cybersecurity engagements

critical cybersecurity issues found on average via the initial assessment

key nodes being monitored

years of average IT and network experience per staff member

Key Areas of Cybersecurity Expertise


Mission-Critical NetInformSM discovery services

Mission-Critical NetInformSM enterprise IT assessments

Mission-Critical NetInformSM network security assessments


Threat and vulnerability management

NetPulseSM 24 x 7 network monitoring

NetPulseSM Secure cybersecurity monitoring


Penetration testing

Physical security assessments

Cybersecurity basic and executive training


Policies and procedures creation and support


Dark web monitoring

Multi-factor authentication

Ongoing cyber education and awareness


Data protection and recovery

Security incident event management (SIEM)


Password management

Cybersecurity Insights

A Prescription for Thwarting Cyberattacks

While it is next to impossible to prevent cyberattacks entirely, taking these steps will make it more difficult for hackers to execute them and will lessen their impact on public safety communications networks when they do occur.


On-Demand Webcast: How to Prioritize Cyberrisk Prevention Efforts During Pandemics

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