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Workflow Automation

Making Information Sharing a Reality with Workflow-Automation Expertise

Public safety and criminal justice agencies are looking for innovative and sustainable ideas for tackling longstanding data challenges. These challenges are created by the enormous amount of data flowing into agencies due to an influx of new technologies and sources, as well as the need to enhance the effectiveness of government and improve community safety.

The accurate and timely transfer of information can deliver big benefits, such as improved emergency-response outcomes, and faster apprehension, prosecution and incarceration of criminals. Real-time access to information can increase situational awareness, resulting in improved decision-making and fewer delays. By automating information-sharing, paper and external system dependencies can be eliminated, and the timeliness and quality of service offered to the community can be improved.

Mission Critical Partners works closely with government leaders to promote and advance criminal-justice and public-safety information-sharing initiatives, break down uncertainties and political barriers, and make enhanced information-sharing through workflow automation a realistic achievement.

Complex Systems Integrated Easily and Securely

At MCP, our goal is to integrate complex systems easily and securely so that information can be shared and accessed in real-time, regardless of system or location. Whether you are looking for planning and governance, analysis, or system-integration services, our workflow-automation solutions are here to guide you. Here’s what you can expect by partnering with MCP:

  • A single information-sharing enterprise created by integrating a patchwork of disparate, disjointed and diverse computing systems
  • A dramatic reduction in errors
  • Stronger decision-making based on accuracy, quick access and completeness of information
  • Improved collaboration and communication between the criminal-justice and public-safety communities
  • Data that flows seamlessly through the entire emergency-response ecosystem, from incident to adjudication
  • Faster case processing and more-informed decision-making

We apply national standards, modeling tools, and open technologies including National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Representational State Transfer (REST), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Leading the Way in Workflow Automation

Within the last decade, MCP has implemented large-scale, multi-year workflow automation projects at both the state and county level.

years of cumulative experience in the criminal-justice sector

data exchanges implemented in state and local criminal-justice operations

states where we’ve assisted with workflow automation

mission-critical communications projects

Key Areas of Workflow Automation Expertise

Strategic planning and governance

Data analysis

Data-exchange architecture



Project management


National standards

Product solutions

Workflow-Automation Insights

Information-Sharing Enterprise in Georgia Supported by MCP Improves Efficiency, Data Quality

In Georgia, the criminal-justice and law-enforcement communities have witnessed a dramatic improvement in workflows and business processes, significant time savings, and reduced errors in areas where MCP’s information-exchange system has been implemented.


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