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State of Texas DIR Contract

Texas DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3839

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) has a Cooperative Contract with the Texas Department of Information Resources to provide deliverables-based Information technology services (DBITS) to state and government agencies other public entities in Texas and outside the state.

General Contract Information
  • Contractor: Mission Critical Partners, LLC
  • Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3839
  • Contract Term End Date: 5/2/2020
  • Contract Expiration Date: 12/31/2021
  • View the contract on the Texas DIR website
  • MCP Vendor ID and Contract Number: 1264026964800

This contract will allow MCP to continue providing services to its numerous Texas government clients as well as eligible customers that choose to use this contract through the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program. DBITS contracts are awarded on the basis of a variety of factors, including vendors who offer the best value to the state, as well as those that can meet or exceed clients’ expectations and respond promptly to client needs.

Service Offered
MCP Contract Information and How to Order
Eligible Agencies
  • Texas state agencies
  • Units of local government, including cities, counties, public school districts, municipalities, special purpose districts
  • Higher education institutions
  • Assistance organizations
  • Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
  • Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)
  • Private schools
  • Private or independent institutions of higher education
  • Volunteer fire departments
  • Public entities outside of Texas, as defined by TGC 2054.0565
Eligible Services

Information Technology Procurement Assistance services may include assistance in IT Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Request for Offer (RFO) development. Procurement assistance activities may include requirements gathering, scoring criteria development, evaluation criteria development, specification development, SOW development, and RFO development for IT products and services.

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